Welcome to Center for Preventative Medicine (CPM)

Traditional (allopathic) medicines do not address the root issue of disease. However, that is not a cause to abandon pharmaceuticals. We should express gratitude that the advancement of science has given humanity means to abort acute, life-threatening illness and emergency situations.

Alternative medicine is based upon viewing the unique character of each individual and seeking to improve their route to healthy functioning.  This approach emphasizes the understanding of disease in all its manifestations: physical, mental and emotional.  A specific plan is devised to improve the weak linkages in an individual through a thorough analysis of their physiology, psychology and genealogy.  The core philosophy of alternative medicine focuses on the self-healing aspects of the body.  CPM strives to assist this process with the use of therapeutics that support the whole person.  Judicious use of allopathic medications will be considered if appropriate to the individual case.

The goal of our practice is to help you rectify problems before degenerative and pathological changes occur.  Correcting and preventing dysfunction changes the path of degeneration during the life of the individual.  We attempt to prevent the degenerative spiral that is passed from generation to generation. This is a process that does not occur overnight and will demand dedication and long-term commitment.  CPM is here to assist you – not only for your future but the future of those yet to come.