Alternative & Traditional Medicine


Dr. Holder incorporates the best of traditional and alternative medicine into his practice.

Traditional Allopathic Medicine is an effective tool for diagnosis and treatment. It can be extremely helpful in limiting suffering and bringing prompt relief in:

– Potentially dangerous situations/accidents
– Infectious disease
– Degenerative conditions
– Painful ailments

It is both a blessing and an albatross to our long-term welfare.  Most of the miraculous pharmaceuticals of modern medicine do not begin to address the root of disease, thus sometimes people mistakenly abandon pharmaceutical medications.  We can and should be grateful that these medications are available to abort acute, life threatening illness and utilize them appropriately in crisis medicine.

Once the crisis has passed, we can begin to understand the match between the disease process and the individual patient.  Subsequently, we can begin to arrest the disease process by treating the patient as an individual.

ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE takes into account the unique character of each individual and seeks to improve the functional level of each person.  This approach attempts to understand disease in all of its manifestations: physical, mental and emotional.

The goal is to rectify abnormalities before degenerative and pathological changes occur.  At the Center for Preventative Medicine, to accomplish this, we conduct a thorough analysis of an individual’s physiology, psychology and genealogy and devise a specific plan to improve the weak linkages.

At this point in the process, we discourage the use of medications because they can suppress and/or cover up signs or symptoms, which the body uses to express dysfunction. We believe that correcting the dysfunction is the only way to change the path of degeneration and possibly prevent offspring inheritance.

Here at the Center for Preventative Medicine, we are attempting to prevent the degenerative spiral that is passed from generation to generation.  This is a process that does not occur overnight.  In your first visit, we will get to know you as well as your disease process and help you to understand yourself and what needs to be done to become a healthier person.

We hope to assist you in making these changes in your life, which are necessary to improve your health.  Be ready for the long haul rather than for short, temporary relief.  You may begin to experience relief anywhere along the way, but the focus is on long lasting change for the better.