Whole Health & Wellness

Whole Health & Wellness

Tthebodystretchhe concept of creating a whole is central to the philosophy of the Center for Preventive Medicine. Health and wellness are directly linked, one cannot exist without the other.  Discussions on previous pages have directed attention to re-building a solid foundation on which to stabilize oneself.

The furthering of oneself – to maintain while maximizing – can seem like a daunting task.  Toward this goal, Dr. Holder created the Geometric Path to Wellness, a system of 6 figures/levels that explain a goal-oriented Path in a readily understandable, focused manner.

CPM presents a lecture series entitled “Re-engineering Your Health” to which clients are recommended to attend.  During the lecture sessions, core philosophies and diagnostic methods used by Dr. Holder and staff will be introduced including GPW.  The sessions are interactive to encourage client participation in understanding how, where, why the desire to re-shape life and moving forward.

All the various components of care at CPM work together in synergistic fashion toward the end point of wholeness.  The success of the person walking in our door is of outmost importance and our reason for being healthcare providers.

Healthcare is “whole care”.

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