Typical Examination


Dr. Holder may use some of the same techniques and tools as a traditional allopathic physician, but he may also use methods that you have not experienced before.  As stated earlier, Dr. Holder incorporates both traditional and alternative medicine into his practice.

Common Techniques used in Dr. Holder’s examination can include one or multiple techniques below:

Iridology exam: Dr. Holder will examine your Iris. He is looking for clues of toxicity.

Tongue exam: Dr. Holder will examine your tongue.

Reflexology: Dr. Holder will apply pressure to your feet, hands, or ears.

Kinesiology:  Dr. Holder will test your muscles for strength and weakness. He may place your arms or legs in a certain position and ask you to resist when pressure is applied.

Meridian Points: Throughout the exam, Dr. Holder will be evaluating your Meridian points and flow of energy. He will evaluate your meridian points by applying pressure to different points on your body.

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