Mental Attitude

Mental Attitude

Several factors are crucial to the implementation and success of positive mental attitude. They can be summed through two basic equations as shown:

Recognition of maturity, desire for development, and objective exploration of self = POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE. Positive mental attitude = APTITUDE

Recognition of maturity + Desire for development + Objective exploration
Positive Mental Attitude

It can be said that life provides analogy to gravity. There are then gravitational forces that pull us down, issues that sap strength, belief and confidence. Through an understanding of the life equations above, a route if provided by which to overcome the downward pull.

The expression of character creates the lasting impression of a person with others. The development of character traits that impact others in an agreeable fashion lifts one above the gravitational forces. Each level attained in the goal for personal betterment opens another one available for fulfillment. In sum the improvement facilitates inward growth that when expressed outwards is known as personal character.

The implications of the second equation are also then clear that personal progression inside leads one into the desire for more advancement in outer life. The translation of that desire into practical action feeds a cycle where learning never ends. The Successful Encounters program was founded on this principle of implementing practical action by deliberate recognition
that the brain houses the determination necessary to learn and to use the knowledge gained.

The opposing end of the spectrum occurs when one allows gravity to overcome one’s sense of arising. The sense of stability, one’s sense of self can seem to be literally crushed. The evidence, if one gives attention to the matter, of the downward spiral can be readily seen – often more so than the positive. The cliche of “misery loves company” can handily be applied. The statement carried forth is that one is so busy taking life down no energy is available for going up.

Each moment provides the choice of positive or negative interaction. How one chooses to encounter the outside world is based on the mental attitude taken as one must first face the interior environment.

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