Cancellation Policy


Please take note of our written policy, which states “48 hour notice must be given for canceling an appointment”.  If a 48 hour notice is not given, you will be charged $85 for a missed 30 minute appointment and $125 for a missed 1 hour appointment. Please note that this policy is strictly enforced.

We take it very seriously when patients fail to show up for their appointment without any notice.  We are considerate of last minute changes and emergencies, but we ask you to please understand that when you make an appointment, we are holding that time especially for you.

If you fail to show up, cancel or reschedule at the last minute, this does not give us enough time to schedule another patient in need (which one day may even be you!).

If you would like to reschedule your appointment, please call our office 48 hours in advance of your existing appointment during Office Hours.

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