As stated on the Philosophy page, alternative medicine focuses on the self-healing aspects of the body.  To further support the concept of the whole person, food is a critical component of care.  How, when and what a person eats helps or hurts the process underway.

The CPM philosophy regards nutrition not only as source of life sustenance but as a sustainer of traditions and values. The acts of choosing, preparation and dining centers the person around a system of rituals. The goal is to re-establish healthy habits not only for the client but to fosters rituals that will reverberate in other areas of life as well.

Modern life with “eat on the go” has the potential to damage more than just a mealtime schedule. The body acts best with regularity and predictability. The plethora of “fast” foods full of sugar and refined products has provided seeming closure to this loop of American life – we are too busy and industry gives us what we want to stay that way…

The CPM philosophy fosters the understanding that food is more than basic energy sources of proteins and carbohydrates.  All sources are not created equal for every person.  The various dietary practices utilized as part of the CPM Process allow Dr. Holder to pick-and-choose foods that enhance the body’s ability to self-heal and remain self-maintainable.  Recommendations are also based on aspects of the individual (such as genetics and personality traits) as well as provision of complementary action with other therapies underway.

We recognize that it is easier to tell the client to make dietary changes than to actually put those changes into practice.  As such, the staff strives to make the dietary guidelines as simple and straightforward as possible. Visits with the nutritionist are typically scheduled to give the client aid in menu planning and provide answers to specific questions and concerns that often derail a program.

Happy eating!!

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